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About us.

Recordex is ushering in a new generation of instructional technology that redefines performance and value. Educators have integrated technology into instruction for many years, but that integration always came with high promises, a steep learning curve and high prices.  Then came expensive training sessions and additional costs for upgrades and extras.  Recordex is changing the way today’s schools adopt the latest technology by building tools that are industry leading, up to half the price of other brands and bundling in no fee instructional technology staff training.  It’s what schools asked us for and it’s a simpler, more powerful way to equip your educators and students.  We call it our Simplicity line.

SimplicityTouch 70” and 84” interactive flat panels bring industry leading 10 touch multitouch capability, powerful 36 Watt stereo sound, and integrated android based browser and media player to the classroom. Our SimplicityCam 5MP and 8MP 4K document cameras offer the industry’s largest standard shooting size, QuadPage™, along with FluidHD in a 12 inch, 3 pound form factor that can go anywhere, store anywhere. Our wireless SimplicitySlate gives every educator the freedom to move around the classroom while maintaining total control over their computer and curriculum.   

Our XSightHD and XPress imaging and annotation software are also beautifully simple to use and designed for large scale deployment without any requirements for licensing management.  Unlike other proprietary solutions, our software integrates seamlessly with your other technology choices.    

With single deployments of up to 6,000 units, the smallest to the largest districts across the country are using our tools to teach, learn, and interact.  Administrators are finding new ways to make their technology budgets go farther than they ever imagined.  Everyone at Recordex is focused on delivering on our promise to redefine technology value for schools through our Simplicity initiative.

Simplicity for Schools.