About us.
Simplicity for schools.

Recordex is committed to simplifying technology in the classroom.  We believe that our solutions should enhance instruction not distract from instruction.  We strive to develop software that blends into the background and brings content to the foreground.  In other words, we try to stay out of the way and allow great teachers to do what they do best.  XPress, our interactive display software, blends the browser and the whiteboard into a single app.  It is easier to use than others.  It is cross platform, so everyone uses the same version, and updates are made available free to all users.  That’s free, forever.

Our product line is simple.  There’s the SimplicityTouch 4k high-resolution touch display designed for K12. We bundle it with our XPress software that’s updated every year with all the best requests from our teacher users and we push it out to all our customers free of charge.  The software is free forever.

Told you it was simple.  Visit us to see for yourself why tens of thousands of classrooms have chosen Recordex.