AFX Design




LBX Design

Designed to stand alone.

Many classrooms are setup where the document camera must connect directly to the display and run without a computer at all.   This is called running in stand-alone mode.  The AFX and LBX are designed for just such a purpose.

Direct connect via HDMI, DVI-D, or VGA.

Whether you are connecting to a data projector, HDTV, or computer monitor we have you covered.  We even include cables for HDMI, DVI and VGA connections.

VGA output and VGA Passthrough.

With VGA-Passthrough you can use your AFX camera as a VGA-switch to easily change what is sent to the display.  You can send your AFX image or your computer image.

Flexible gooseneck allows side shots.

If you are looking at a 3D object and you’d like to shoot a side shot just position the gooseneck and shoot away.

Portable and easy to store.

The AFX folds up to take less space than you’d expect.   We also include a padded soft-sided carrying case that can hold the camera and all the cables.

The AFX even works in the dark.

The bright LED lights in the camera head put light right where it is needed.  The camera will work in well lit or completely dark rooms.  

Easy alignment with documents.

The AFX head will rotate about 270 degrees making it super easy to align the camera with your document.  You’ll find rotating the head is quicker and more intuitive than moving the actual document.  

If your camera stops working due to a defect then we will replace it promptly at our cost. There is no waiting for the repair.  You simply receive a replacement camera.

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