The Recordex AFX and LBX cameras are designed so they can be operated with or without a computer. Zoom.  These cameras have outstanding optical zoom for crisp clear close-up shots.

With 10x optical zoom you can achieve really outstanding close-up shots of objects.  This is extremely valuable in life and earth science classes.  Whether you are examining an animal, vegetable or mineral you’ll enjoy the ability to show up close images to the whole class using your document camera.

Plenty of connections.  Whether you plan to connect through VGA, DVI or HDMI we have you covered.

The AFX and LBX are designed to work with or without a computer.  If your setup calls for standalone output to the display then you’ll have plenty of options.  Check out the specifications page for specifics regarding each model.

The infra-red remote control allows you to zoom, adjust lighting, save snapshots to the camera, and more.

Because the AFX and LBX are designed for standalone use without a computer they are equipped with a handheld IR remote to give you wireless control of the camera.  This is extremely handy if you are standing at the display pointing to and discussing the projected image and want to zoom in or out without having to go over to the camera.


AFX Design




LBX Design

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