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XPress Features

Draw on unlimited slides.

Filled a page.  No worries.  Just advance to the next slide for a new blank page.  Then go back to the previous slide anytime you want.  There’s always more room for your ideas.

Easily export to PDF, JPEG.

You’ve just blown your own mind with how well you explained the water-cycle to your 4th grade class.  Before you do anything else export that whiteboard full of work to PDF so you can share it with the students who were not in class that day and post it to your classroom blog as a study guide resource.

Quick access to your favorite presenter tools.

Keeping students focused on the topic is pretty tough.  To help we’ve included some of the more popular presenter tools designed to keep students focused on the topic at hand.

Embed live video, record, and take snapshots.

Connect to your SimplicityCam or webcam and embed live video into your XPress whiteboard slides.  You can even take snapshots or record video right from inside Xpress.

Screencast for free!

Use the awesome screencasting tool from Screencast-O-Matic to record your screen and voice and easily host it online.  Screencast-O-Matic will create the MP4 and upload it to your YoutTube or Screencast-O-Matic channel.  It is the perfect way to create flipped classroom content.

Use your slate with other apps. xpress-export-pdf-video xpress-slides-video xpress-presenter-tools-video xpress-embed-video xpress-powerpoint

You are not limited to just XPress. You will find that your SimplicitySlate is fun to use with many applications.  Control and interact with your favorite whiteboarding application, Microsoft Office, and just about any  interactive curriculum, from anywhere in the room.

Designed with your input.

When we designed XPress we took your advice.  We made the interface simple and intuitive.  We avoided making the software overly complicated by staying focused on the tools and features that are actually used in the classroom.  Your input allowed us to make XPress one of the easiest whiteboarding applications to learn and use.  You’ll have it mastered in no time.

XPress. Intuitive, easy to learn, and designed specifically to meet the needs of the classroom. XPress Annotation Software Goodbye menus.

In the classroom most software isn’t controlled by a mouse anymore.  However, most software is still designed around old menu based navigation.  XPress employs touch, pen and whiteboard friendly navigation with right sized and easy to click icons.  No more hunting for tools in hidden menus.  Just simple, clean navigation.


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