Bundled with XPress annotation and whiteboard software for Windows & OSX and XPress for Android.  Teach, learn, interact. The SimplicityTouch is designed to work with our popular SimplicityCam document camera.  Plug directly into the SimplicityTouch for computer-free document camera imaging.


Ultra-thin IR frame system with ten point operation and future proof with support for up to 32 points of touch. Ten students can annotate on the screen at one time.  

10-Point Multi-Touch

Industry leading clarity and volume from a 2.1 three speaker design.

45 Watts of Sound

Connect to your network wired or wirelessly.

Integrated Networking

Unique dual touch output for seamless integration with your favorite wireless collaboration solution.

Collaboration Touch

On-board Apps

Built-in Android smart TV interface. Play media, browse the Internet, whiteboard, all without a computer.

Bundled with Recordex XPress for Android.

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400mm x 400mm (M8 Screw)