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The SimplicityCam can shoot  documents up to 15” x 20”.

A larger shooting size means more options and more opportunities to share.  Share large format documents, demonstrate under the camera with ease and say goodbye to those return trips to the camera to move a document or book so that the rest of the page is visible.  With our large shooting area you can fit it all at once.

20 inches The SimplicityCam can shoot  video at 30 frames per second.

Faster frame rates mean smoother more natural looking video.  Fast frame rates are crucial when demonstrating under the camera and when creating your own video content.

acid-base-reaction.html flower-hi-res.html The SimplicityCam can shoot  images at 7,990,727 pixels.

Exquisite detail and high quality zoom are the rewards for choosing a high resolution document camera.  The 8MP* CMOS imaging sensor in SimplicityCam delivers beautiful pictures and fast frame rates.

Don’t settle for less.  Verify these three key specs. Shooting size. Frame Rate. Resolution. Best in class.
* *

The SimplicityCam is available in a 5MP and 8MP model.  The specs listed here are for the 8MP model.  


Video made with 5MP SimplicityCam 5z AF.

Video made with 8MP SimplicityCam 8z AF.

Recordex XSight software and Recordex SimplicityCam document cameras include a license to Pathway Innovations and Technologies, Inc.’s U.S. Patent No. 8,508,751.