There are a few key specs that make our slate perfect for the classroom. 2.4 Ghz FHSS RF wireless.

FHSS-what?  FHSS is a fancy acronym for frequency hopping spread spectrum transmission.  It means that you don’t have to worry about interference with any other RF devices in your classroom. Driver free and interference free!

No drivers required.

Drivers can be a hassle, especially when deploying across hundreds and thousands of computers. We utilize standard USB class drivers that are native to your operating system.  You won’t need to pre-install any drivers to connect your SimplicitySlate to your PC or Mac.


Our slate is perfectly matched to fit the human hand.  If  the slate active area is too small or too large it becomes difficult to use. Too small and it is hard to write legibly, too big and you suffer fatigue from holding the slate and moving your hand all over the active area.  The 6 x 3.75 inch active area on the SimplicitySlate is just right.  

Reliable, inexpensive batteries.

Many slates utilize proprietary Lithium Ion batteries which means they are difficult and expensive to replace. On top of that, many slates have batteries that can only be replaced by the factory.  Our SimplicitySlate uses standard AA batteries. We include two AA rechargeable batteries in the box along with a USB powered battery charger.

With a range of 30 or more feet you are free to roam the  classroom while remaining in control of your computer.