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Training & Technical Support Resources

The following links will provide you with the most current materials available for training and supporting users of the Recordex SimplicityTouch.  These resources are for the following model:

SimplicityTouch IFP ST-700 (generation 2 with 802.11ac router)

Materials Suitable for Training End Users

Materials Suitable for Training Trainers & Support Personnel

Drivers and Software Downloads

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Getting started guide.  Suitable for end users and technicians.


Introduction to applications bundled with SimplicityTouch.


Quick reference sheet to basic features of XPress whiteboard application.


Quick reference for users or trainers on basics of SimplicityTouch.

XPress 2.3 Training Videos (YouTube Link)

Recordex YouTube Channel playlist to teach new users how to use Xpress 2.x.

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Getting started guide.


Troubleshooting guide.


Technical training guide with instructions for firmware installation/update, network connectivity, and more.  This with trouble shooting guide will be primary resources for technical support.


Guide for updating panel firmware.  This material is already covered in the Technical Training Guide. This document breaks out the firmware update portion so it can be sent separately to onsite tech if needed.


Some chrome browser installations will not properly handle touch events. If touch is not working inside chrome browser follow this guide to fix this issue.

Enable Aero Transparency on Windows (YouTube link)

If the user is unable to use XPress in transparent mode it is likely due to aero themes being disabled in Windows.  This video will show you how to enable aero themes.


User manual for SimplicityTouch IFP.  This document will be more suited toward technical support personnel than end users.

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OS X TouchScreen Driver for SimplicityTouch

Driver to enable touch functionality on Mac OS X computers.  (NOTE: There is not driver required for Windows or Chrome OS)

XPress Download

XPress Annotation & Whiteboard Software for OS X , Windows and Android.

CAUTION!!!  This is for Gen 1 and Gen 2 ST-700 panels ONLY.  DO NOT INSTALL this firmware on a Gen 3 panels as doing so will damage the panel.


Firmware release: 012916
For SimplicityTouch IFP 70”


Package of APKs for reinstalling applications on SimplicityTouch in the event of a firmware update or panel reset to factory defaults.


Quick reference setup check list to remind technicians if drivers are required or not required and what user software is required or not required.

XDiag Recordex - How To (PDF)

XDiag is a diagnostics tool that can help resolve hard to figure out tech issues related to Recordex interactive classroom products.

XPress Diagnostic - How To (Video)

XPress Diagnostic is a simple diagnostic reporting tool built into XPress that can help tech support figure out hard to resolve issues related to XPress.

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SimplicityTouch ST-700 Gen 2 Support Resources