Today we are going to introduce you to a great feature called “Casting!“ 

What is casting and how does it work?

  • First, casting allows you to share or broadcast information from your personal device to the panel directly. The casting process also allows you to mirror what is on the panel directly to other selected devices.
  • Most importantly, casting is completed wirelessly. NO CORDS!!!

Before we begin casting lets review several important details about casting that will be beneficial to using.

  • Casting from your personal device (Ex: iPad, laptop, Chromebook, etc) to the panel is completely wireless.
  • Next, make sure the EShare app Is downloaded on the proper devices for which you will casting with.
  • If you are using an Apple device to mirror, you can just follow these instructions. Or continue on below.
  • When casting or mirroring make sure all devices are on the same network.
  • These instructions are for the built in on Gen 4 IFPs. All other Generations should use third party hardware. Follow those manufacturer instructions for how to use.

Are you ready to begin Casting? Let’s begin.

1. First, Click on the EShare app when ready to cast.

2. Once you have clicked on this icon the EShare app will now open and give a list of devices you wish to connect to. Select the device of your choice now.


3. Once you have selected the device, on the same window select either; Share Screen or TV Mirror.

Note: Once you select “Share Screen,” you will notice a small icon on the right side of your panel with a number next to it. This icon represents the number of devices connected to the panel. If you tap this you can also manage some settings here.

4. You’ve done it! Simple as that! Your device is now casting to the panel or mirroring. If you wish to connect to the internet or XPress go for it. Just remember, whatever is on your device is now being broadcasted onto the panel.

5. We do want to just briefly mention some icons that you should be aware of. On the bottom right of the panel you will find icons for various settings. 

  • Settings: Casting password, name, casting type, multi-screen and more
  • Moderator Control: Security options and  joining permissions 
  • Display Group Settings: Set how all units connected view

I hope these few instructions and steps for “casting” have help you get started with casting! If you ever need help, you can always email us at!