Connecting to Cloud Accounts in XPress

One of the first and most important things you should do in XPress, is connect your Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive account. This allows you to insert various images and documents from your cloud storage directly into the XPress canvas. This lessons will teach you how to connect and insert a file.

1. First with XPress open, click or tap the menu button at the top left or top right, click the options button (gear icon).


Once the options menu is open, select the “Accounts” tab.


2. Here you can select which account you would like to connect to XPress. Notice, there are 2 separate logins for Microsoft OneDrive accounts. One for Personal accounts and one for business/organization accounts.

After you select Add account, you will need to enter in your login information. Do not worry, we use official Google and Microsoft methods for connecting your account. None of your personal or sensitive information will be shared with Recordex.


So, just log in like you would with a browser. Once you have done all of this, you should now see your email listed in the Accounts section. If it is not there for some reason, simply attempt to add your account again.

3. With your account linked to XPress, you can now insert any images or documents contained within your Cloud Storage.

Tap or click the “Add image or document” tool. To navigate to your Cloud Storage, click the circle with the first letter of the accounts name. You can confirm you are in your cloud by reading your location on the top left. Now go ahead and browse for the file you would like to insert into XPress.


4. Once you have located the correct file, click it and select open. Now, it may look like nothing happened yet, but do not worry.

We can see that the “Add image or document” tool is still selected because it’s underlined with a green line. Now, all we have to do is click and drag to create a rectangle. Once you release, the image or document should be displayed correctly. You can then adjust its size, rotation, opacity, and more.

Congrats you have successfully connected your cloud accounts to Xpress. Enjoy access to all the files you have stored!

Notes: Connecting XPress to cloud accounts requires internet connection. If you are having trouble, check first if internet is available on your device. Not all file types are available to insert with XPress.