Connecting to your SimplicityTouch

For this topic, we want to help you understand how to navigate between the home screen and an external devices that you might have connected. This includes your computer, laptop or anything in between connected with wires. There is a variety of ways that your Recordex IFP may be set up, but generally you just need to know about two options. The “Home” screen and the main external input. Note:

  • This guide will cover the general setups normally found with IFPs, but your specific situation may be different.
  • After reading this guide, you may want to ask your networking or technical support person if you find that this guide is different to your setup.
  • This guide only covers one external device.

Let’s get started!

1. The Home screen is built into the SimplicityTouch IFP. This system runs on Android OS and contains several apps that can be used right out of the box. The home input normally looks like this, Users can always return to the home screen by clicking the Home button.

2. The IFP has several external inputs. Typically the SimplicityTouch will be connected via cables to a Windows PC, Mac or Chromebook. By doing this, the connected device will not only show up on the panel but will also now have touch capability. Most of the time, the device will be found on HDMI1, but there are several different options for connecting.

3. Try it now. First check make sure your device is on. Then, switch between the home screen and HDMI1, but clicking input -> HDM1. (If you know  your device is connected through a different input, select that option instead.) You should now see your device! If you’re having trouble, press the physical input button on the front from of the panel. A menu will appear with all the inputs. An input a green dot next to it’s name means a device is connected and active. See the example below next to HDMI1.

4. Reminder that if you have multiple devices connected externally, they can be spread across all the different inputs. If you need help, you can always write down what inputs are connected to which device. Luckily Recordex has make a guide for you. Download and print this guide, then place it somewhere you can always refer to. We hope this helps you understand your set up a little better!