Using Click Through

XPress is great because there are many different ways that it can be used. The main way people use it is by inserting their documents into the canvas, but not everybody wants to do this. Some people would rather use XPress more like an overlaid toolbar. Fortunately, we have made this extremely simple and easy to do. We’ll show you how with the Click Through Tool.

1. On the Presentation toolbar, there is an icon in the shape of a Mouse. When you click this tool, the canvas will become transparent. Try clicking it!


You might notice that any programs or windows you had open underneath will appear. If nothing was open, you might just see your desktop. By selecting Click Though, you XPress will be overlaid on whatever images, documents, or programs you want to annotate on.

When the Click Through tool is the only thing underlined in Green, we are able to navigate and control the computer as you normally would.


2. To annotate or highlight over something, simply click the Pen or Highlighter tool. A green line will appear underneath the selected tool, then you can begin annotating over whatever you want.


You still have the same control over the colors and sizes of the pen and highlighter tools even while in Click Through
Now if you mess up or want to clear off any pen or highlighter marks, you can use the Eraser or the Erase All button.

To control whatever is behind XPress again, deselect the Pen or Highlighter tool and you will regain control of the computer.

3. When you deselect the Click Through tool, the background canvas will become Opaque, and XPress can be used normally again. Try this by selecting the Click Through button while the green line is underneath. You can now use XPress as normal.

Congratulations you now know the basics of the Click Through tool! We hope you really enjoy using it this powerful feature that can unlock the potential of all websites and lessons.

Notes: Click Through is only available on XPress for Windows, Mac and Android.