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What’s New in XPress Version 2.15

XPress Annotation & Whiteboarding Application

We’ve released the newest version of XPress, our popular annotation and whiteboarding application with 10 points of touch and gesture compatibility.  Learn more about XPress here: https://recordexusa.com/xpress/

NOTE: XPress is pre-installed on the SimplicityTouch (to ensure you are using the latest version of the pre-installed application, open the SimplicityApp Store application on the panel). It is also HIGHLY recommended to install XPress on your PC or Mac computer. The desktop version of XPress for Mac and Windows offers more features and is the optimal environment for creating lessons. Download the software here: https://recordexusa.com/xpress-download

New Features in XPress version 2.15

Improved Page Navigation

XPress version 2.15 features improvements made to page navigation. Page previews, located on the side menu, are now larger giving you an enhanced look at your inactive pages.

Move, Clone, and Delete Page Buttons

The move, clone, and delete page buttons now appear in the preview window. To use these buttons, place the cursor or tap on the active page. On inactive pages, only the move button will appear.

Move, Copy, Delete Buttons

New/Add Page Button

The new page button has also been moved to the bottom of the pages section. To add a new page, simply click the New Page button as seen below. The new page will appear under the current active page.

New Page button at the bottom

We think these changes will make XPress more user friendly and feel a little more familiar for those new to our whiteboard software.

Open additional File Types (.pdf and .iwb)

XPress now gives users the ability to open PDF and IWB files. Use the open file button and view the additional files available. Select and click the open button to access. 

XPress 2.15 Release Notes Screenshot - PDF and IWB Files - Smaller

PDFs will be set as the background and cannot be edited. For IWB files, XPress will detect and import different objects. This gives you more access and the option to edit these files in Xpress.

Improved Eraser

When erasing, a grey trail will now track the user’s gestures, indicating what will be removed. Release and the gray trail will erase.

Change Chart Colors

Users can customize charts even further, with the option to change primary and secondary colors. No more restrictions if you would like to change the XPress default color scheme. To do so; (1) Select your chart. (2) When the chart menu appears, click on the settings/gear icon. (3) Select the color you would like to change to.

XPress 2.15 Release Notes Screenshot - Chart Color

Other Improvements

  • Improved stability for freehand drawing
  • Ruler gadget improvements
  • Programming stability and other squashed bugs

Known Issues

  • XPress for Android:
    • The Google and Microsoft authorization forms do not scale properly when logging in.

Some of the biggest updates in this version were to prepare us for other future updates. So keep following along for more exciting news about XPress. If you have any feedback or suggestions, we’d love to hear from you; email us at ce@recordexusa.com!