XSight 2.7 Release Notes; A Whole New Look

We’ve released the newest version of XSight, our annotation application for the Recordex SimplicityCam document camera.  Learn more about XSight here: https://recordexusa.com/xsight/

Download the software here: https://recordexusa.com/xsight-download

New Features in XSight version 2.7

  • XSight has gotten a makeover! We aimed to make it sleek, modern and intuitive!
  • Squashed some bugs
  • Simplified certain tasks

After getting a lot of feedback and many hours at the design table, our team is proud to give XSight, a new coat of paint. Almost all functionality remains the same to keep the program familiar. We are planning to make the software more efficient and bring the technical side up to speed next. In the meantime we hope you agree, XSight has that fresh software smell! Do you like the new look? Let us know at ce@recordexusa.com!