We’ve released the newest version of XSight, our annotation application for the Recordex SimplicityCam document camera.  Learn more about XSight here: https://recordexusa.com/xsight/

Download the software here: https://recordexusa.com/xsight-download

New Features in XSight version 2.9

  • XSight has received a new feature: Document scanning. Now you can scan your documents directly onto your computer from XSight!
  • Squashed some bugs
  • Simplified certain tasks

At Recordex we’re dedicated to providing new features to our software at no extra cost to our customers, in this version of Xsight we’ve added document scanning to allow you to scan your documents directly from XSight! Do you like the new feature? Let us know at ce@recordexusa.com!

Tips And Tricks for 2.9

Here are some tips to get started with scanning!

  • Make sure the document is completely in the image of the camera
  • Make sure the surface that the document is on top is a darker color. Brown or black surfaces with white paper works best
  • Try and have the room as well light as possible
  • Remove any obstructions from the page when scanning such as pencils, pens, hands, etc.
  • Check your SimplicityCam settings so the scan is as high quality ask you would like