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Version (released 9/26/2016) This version of XSight HD for Mac OSX is an update to version 2.3.  It fixes some small bugs and sets record mode by default to MPEG4. It is recommended to upgrade to this version if you experience issues with prior versions, otherwise it is not a critical update.

Version (released 8/12/15). This version of XSight HD for Mac OS X replaces versions 2.x.  Version 2.3.4 includes several bug fixes and a few important new features:

*  Increased stability and frame rate speed for 5MP and 8MP cameras.

* ADDED support for recording video with audio including .mov or .mp4 format files.

* FIXED bug with Screencast-O-Matic where the SoM button in XSight would sometimes not launch SoM.

It is recommended that all users of XS Version 2.1x upgrade to version 2.3x

System Requirements:

* OS X version 10.8+ recommended.

* There is a special build available for OS X version 10.7 which may have some limitations.

Version (released 12/29/14).  This version of XSight HD for Mac OS X replaces the previous beta versions of XSight for OS X.  Version includes the following improvements and fixes:

*  Much improved stability

*  Support for high resolution cameras up to 8MP

It is recommended that all users upgrade to version for a more reliable and enjoyable user experience.  The previous beta version would regularly crash at high resolutions, especially on older Mac hardware.  The new version has been optimized to run on more efficiently and should eliminate this issue on all but the oldest Mac hardware.  

Limitations.  Please read the following before installing version

XSight HD Viewer for Mac OS X – Release Notes

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XSight Features

Q. Which version should I download?

A. Users running Mac OS X 10.7 Lion should download the version for Lion (the button on right).  Users running Mac OS X 10.8 or later should download the version for 10.8+ (the button on the left).

Q. I downloaded the file now what?

A. Double click the .zip file and then open the .pkg file and you will be guided through the installation process.

Q.  Do I need a license code to register Xsight?

A.  No.  XSight HD will run without the need for a license code as long as your Recordex camera is attached.

Q.  Can I buy a license for XSight HD to use with other cameras?

A.  No.  XSight HD is sold only with our document cameras. We do not sell standalone copies.


FAQ for Mac Users