XSight 2.9 – Document Scanning

We’ve released the newest version of XSight, our annotation application for the Recordex SimplicityCam document camera.  Learn more about XSight here: https://recordexusa.com/xsight/ Download the software here: https://recordexusa.com/xsight-download New Features in XSight version 2.9 XSight has received a new feature: Document scanning. Now you can scan your documents directly onto your computer from XSight! Squashed some …

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Game Show

Game Show, built with Xpress, showcases a great game idea inspired by the hit gameshow Jeopardy. Split your students into two teams and have them test their wits head to head and see who comes out on top with the most points. You can download the example files and see exactly how it is put …

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Sentence Constructor

What’s wrong with these sentences? Improve your class’s grammatical skills with this fun “fix ’em up” game. 

Coin Counter

Coin Counter, built with XPress, showcases a great idea to get your class thinking about how to break down and count coins. Add in images of dollars to get more complex!

Venn Diagram Showcase

Venn Diagram built with XPress, showcases a great way to compare and contrast two topics.  Add your own topics and descriptions to go over with your class.

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What’s New in XPress Version 2.15

XPress Annotation & Whiteboarding Application We’ve released the newest version of XPress, our popular annotation and whiteboarding application with 10 points of touch and gesture compatibility.  Learn more about XPress here: https://recordexusa.com/xpress/ NOTE: XPress is pre-installed on the SimplicityTouch (to ensure you are using the latest version of the pre-installed application, open the SimplicityApp Store …

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