The Ultimate Classroom Accessory

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Hello Slate. Where have you been?

The SimplicitySlate is one of the least expensive components of an interactive classroom, yet it delivers so much value.  It allows you to be mobile in your classroom, interacting with students and media from anywhere in the room.  It fits seamlessly into your existing instruction plan because it works with the tools you already use, such as: PowerPoint, your favorite whiteboard software, and just about any application on your computer.  Once you start using a slate to manage your classroom instruction you won’t want to go back to being tethered to your whiteboard or computer.  Try one and experience it for yourself.

Just about anything you hold for a long time starts to feel heavy.  More than one teacher has thanked us for the light weight of our design. At well under one pound it may be the lightest most comfortable slate you’ll ever hold.

Gone are the days of tricky installations and constant connection problems. The SimplicitySlate uses reliable RF wireless to keep the slate connected to the computer. There isn’t even a driver to install. Just plug in the tiny USB dongle and power on the slate.

Attention to the little things make a big difference.

A wireless pen is easier to use but also easier to lose. With our handy pen holster you can store your wireless pen where it is easy to find. We even include a ring for attaching to a lanyard or wrist strap.

Some slates are equipped with programmable ‘hot-spot’ shortcuts around the active area of the slate. We used to do that as well. We found that almost no one took the time to program those hot-spots. So we decided to pre-program them for you with user-friendly and useful system shortcuts like: play, pause, mute, scroll, back, forward, and more.

Seamless integration with the rest of the Recordex family

You’ll love XPress, our answer to simple classroom whiteboarding software, but you can use any software you want.  You will find that your SimplicitySlate is fun to use with many applications.  Control and interact with your favorite whiteboarding application, Microsoft Office, and just about any  interactive curriculum, from anywhere in the room.


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Recordex XSight software and Recordex SimplicityCam document cameras include a license to Pathway Innovations and Technologies, Inc.’s U.S. Patent No. 8,508,751.