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Designed from scratch to survive the classroom.

Heavy base to prevent tipping

In a classroom things get bumped. You won’t need to worry about your SimplicityCam tipping over. It is designed to stay standing and in the event of a fall it is also designed to handle everyday bumps and bruises.

Rugged pivot hinges give you long-lasting flexibility

The SimplicityCam has extremely rugged steel reinforced hinges at the base of the neck and the base of the camera head. These hinges will give you long-lasting flexibility over the life of the camera.

Multiple tools built in one

Built in light and microphone provide a large number of uses. Flip up the head to record presentations or use with your favorite web conference software without the need for a mic. In a dark room, use the 5-mode adjustable LED.  Arm lights can be set off, low, medium or high. Head light can be set on or off.

When you’re done just fold it up

We recommend leaving the camera out where you’ll be able to get to it quickly the next time you need it.  Our small footprint and fold-to-store design makes that possible.

Exceptional performance.

A larger shooting size means more options and more opportunities to share.  Share large format documents, demonstrate under the camera with ease and say goodbye to those return trips to the camera to move a document or book so that the rest of the page is visible.  With our large shooting area you can fit it all at once.

Faster frame rates mean smoother more natural looking video.  Fast frame rates are crucial when demonstrating under the camera and when creating your own video content.

Shot on the SimplicityCam.

Exquisite detail and high quality zoom are the rewards for choosing a high resolution document camera. The 13 MP* CMOS imaging sensor in SimplicityCam delivers beautiful pictures and fast frame rates.

Software that matches performance

Before we designed XSight we listened. We listened to teachers. We listened to administrators. We listened to support staff. We kept hearing the same message. Keep it clean. Keep it simple. Keep it focused on classroom instruction. We did just that. Comes free with camera.


All cameras covered by a 5-year replacement warranty.

SimplicityCam 8z (Model: SC8zAF)
8 Mega Pixel CMOS
Auto Focus
QuadPage Shooting Area
Flip up mode for capturing presenters or use with web conference software
Easy microscope integration with optional microscope adapter eye piece
Built in microphone for easy recording
5-Year Replacement Warranty

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Recordex XSight software and Recordex SimplicityCam document cameras include a license to Pathway Innovations and Technologies, Inc.’s U.S. Patent No. 8,508,751.

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